Sable Marketing is authorised by our manufacturing partners to offer repair and servicing facilities. This is provided by a team of technicians experienced in working with professional audio and qualified to identify and remedy pretty much any problem likely to occur with your equipment, whether for units covered under their 12 month UK warranty, or outside of this on a service basis at competitive rates.

If you think your unit may have a developed a fault and it's still under warranty, please contact your dealer. If the warranty has expired please contact us. Often, we're able to give simple advice over the 'phone to remedy things or, if not, if your gear needs closer inspection, we can make arrangements to have it booked in promptly. Please note that UK warranties apply only to products purchased in the UK which are identifiable as having been originally shipped new to the UK direct from the factory. If you have a unit which was originally supplied from the factory direct to the USA Germany or any country other than the UK it must be returned to that country for warranty claims. We will be pleased to service or repair non-UK units but normal repair charges will apply.

If you'd like to purchase official spares and are able to identify the parts required, please contact us through our web form. Please remember to include details of the model type and serial number. We'll reply asap with prices and availability.



*Why? Well although there are some users whose units still operate happily with their original tubes 10 years after they were bought, typically, a tube set lasts 2-3 years with regular use. However, these small gas filled glass bottles are fragile and, like a stylus on a turntable, are easily damaged by knocks liquids poor ventilation etc. And remember: if your gear is powered up, the tubes will be hot good to go and effectively working - even if you are not. So, keep your gear well ventilated and, if it's not being used, turn it off. Your tubes could last for years.

Over 90% of problems with this type of equipment (such as loss of HF/LF microphony hiss etc) are usually tube related and therefore pretty simple to remedy. We carry extensive stocks of tubes for most of Manley's popular products. Just send us your model type and serial# and we'll confirm prices and availability for a replacement set by return.