EveAnna Manley at Centre Of Major Diplomatic Incident

Her Much Beloved Royal Queeny Highness All Powerful Majesty Queen Elizabeth II And Don't You Forget It Subjects of Englandland is the subject of gin bribe (mother's ruin etc) In a brazen attempt to elicit the issue of a royal warrant, EveAnna Manley Collins (CEO of US manufacturer Manley Labs) shamelessly sidesteps HRH at the recent opening of something or other. With little more than the briefest of winks, Liz had her security aides step in at the double to ensure that this upstart from the colonies was promptly removed and given a stern warning about the nature of Royal Protocol "They told me Liz ain't no mere president or somesuch. She's bona fide 100% through & through blue blooded Majesterial Queen stuff and, as such, was not to be interfered with by the likes of, well, me" A source close to Her Majesty said the so-called special relationship would be reviewed as a result of these events. Ms Manley Collins added "I guess she won't be placing a VARMU order any time soon. It was worth a try I guess, but I've learned my lesson, I truly have" HRH did not respond to our request for an interview.