Manley Reference Gold Multi-Pattern Microphone
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Manley Gold Multi-Pattern Microphone

Product Description

Manley's GOLD REFERENCE MULTI-PATTERN microphone is simply one of the finest microphones that money can buy. The Gold Reference Series employs Manley's own design of large capsules measuring 1.25" overall, with a 1" diameter diaphragm. These are manufactured to precise tolerances by micro-milling machinery. Its capsule rings and back-plates are milled from solid brass. The gold diaphragm film is of German origin and tensioned using proprietary techniques by David Josephson to ensure capsule-to-capsule consistency. These production techniques, coupled with design flair and attention detail give Manley's Gold Reference Mic a response, speed, "air", and superb ultra-high frequency performance for wonderfully accurate musical sounding recordings.

The all-tube electronics in the Manley Gold Reference microphones are built around two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. They recently switched to a dual-triode 12AX7WA (easily obtainable) mounted in a ceramic socket. Output is coupled through a Manley output transformer of unparalleled quality and substantial physical size employing nickel laminations with "hum bucking" bi-filar windings, encased in mu-metal. The polar pattern control is continuously variable between the OMNI, CARDIOID, and FIGURE 8 positions vastly increasing versatility. It's possible to exactly tailor proximity effect to achieve a desired character. A very open weave stainless-steel grille for the capsule window allows all highs to reach the capsule unimpaired, so an engineer can choose if, when, and how much pop screen is appropriate. As a result, the Reference Gold reaches to the furthest extremes of highs and lows with gorgeous natural acoustic smoothness. Some engineers tell Manley it sometimes "hears" better than they do! The base of the microphone holds a locking 3 pin gold XLR connector for the audio signal output to allow you to use whatever audio cable you prefer- as exotic as you wish. A detachable threaded 4-pin connector for the 9m power supply cable carries the stringently filtered B+ and regulated heater voltages from the separate dedicated power supply. The microphone body is machined from brass providing excellent shielding properties, polished to a high lustre, then plated with 24 karat gold for an impressive finish, inspiring confidence in artists and producers alike.

A precision suspension cradle is provided with each unit (the capsule itself is mounted onto a neoprene-rubber shock-mount.) As the entire working body of the microphone can be removed for service in one piece from the housing, it is envisaged that the microphone need not be removed from its mount. The unit has a very useful swivel too, its T-bar handle and locking clutch action require no tools to adjust. Each Manley Gold Ref microphone is supplied with a leather capsule protector with soft velour lining which slips (and ties) onto the end of the microphone to protect the capsule when not and comes packaged in a strong lockable carry-case.

Technical Specifications

All-Tube triode design (2 x 12AX7LPS)
-10 dB switchable pads for each channel
Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz
Sensitivity: 17mV/Pa
Noise typically -120dB EIN
Max SPL: 150dB
Weight: 3.25 Lbs/1.5kgs
Custom transformerless internal preamp version also available to order

Owners Manual

Owners Manual  Download Owners Manual

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