Manley TNT 2CH Mic Pre-amp
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Manley TNT - 2 Channel Mic Preamplifier

The Manley TNT - The Tubes (Or No Tubes!) Microphone Preamp

A unique twist: two different microphone preamps. One box - two colours. One channel is the exact same mic-pre used in the highly respected SLAM! With tubes and transformers. The other a unique "No Tubes" design from Manley's chief engineer Hutch Hutchinson, inspired by old British console preamps. This is not a clone. It has a new flavour reminiscent of classic discrete sounds. Both channels are designed around a concept of “Just plug the mic in and it sounds great” The tube channel really excels on traditionally difficult sources, like bright guitars, reed and brass, cymbals or vocals. The "No Tubes" channel is perhaps better suited for smooth vocals, drums, bass or raunchy guitars. That said, try any of these with both!

The Manley TNT - two qualified candidates in one handy 1U chassis.

Toggle switched Input and Output controls allow you to create overdriven effects. Steps are labeled "Clean" "60s" and "70s". "Clean" is very clean, very low noise, very accurate and very musical. Both "60s" and "70s" positions introduce discrete class-A circuits for vintage colour, controlled overload characteristics and creative opportunities. This gives a huge range ranging from incredibly clean to subtle warmth or really heavy grunge. A 1U box provides a complete pallete of tones with each aspect designed to Manley Labs' exacting standards.

Technical Specifications


Tube Channel vacuum tubes 1 x 12AT7EH + 1 x NOS 6414
Gain Range +10db to +80db (20db to 70db in 5db increments)
Mic Input Impedance 600, 2400, 10K Ohms
Instrument Input Impedance  300K, 1 Meg, 3MEG Ohm 
Freq. Response: (-1 dB) 10 Hz to 30 kHz; (-3dB) 5 Hz to 45 kHz
THD & NOISE (1 kHz @ 20 dB gain): 0.035% typical (-68 dB)
Noise Floor: -60 dB typical referenced to +4dBm
EIN: -120 dB
Signal to Noise @ 70 dB Gain: 95dB (TRIM has major effect)
Maximum Output for 1% THD via BALANCED +4 XLR: 31 dBu 


Gain Range +10db to +80db (20db to 70db in 5db increments)
Mic Input Impedance: 300, 600, 2000, 2 Meg Ohms 
Inst.Input Impedance: 100K, 300K,1Meg, 3 Meg, 10 Meg Ohms Freq. Response: (-1 dB) 15 Hz to 30 kHz; (-3dB) 5 Hz to 50 kHz THD & NOISE (1 kHz @ 20 dB gain): 0.01% typical (-80 dB) (no distortion products measurable, noise dominates measurement)
Noise Floor: -66 dB typical referenced to +4dBm
EIN: -126 dB
Signal to Noise @ 70 dB Gain: 85dB (TRIM has little effect) Maximum Output for 1% THD: 
via BALANCED +4 XLR: 30 dBu 
via UNBALANCED +4 output: 24 dBu 
via UNBALANCED -10 output: 16 dBu 
Distortion @ 1K using 60s / 70s switch: 
1.5% typical with LED onset (+4 dBu out) 
3% typical with LED fully lit (+7 dBu out)

Power consumption: 30 watts

Voltage: Units are shipped set for voltage in original destination country: 100V, 120V, or 220-240VAC as indicated on the serial number badge. Power transformer must be rewired on the unit’s pcb in order to change mains operating voltage. Any fuses must be changed to appropriate value.

Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~ 60Hz
Fuse Values S/N up to MTNT142: @ 100 - 120V operation:1A; @ 220 - 240V
operation: 500mA
Fuse Values S/N after MTNT142: @ 100 - 120V operation: 500mA; @ 220 - 240V operation: 250mA
Fuse Size: 1/4" x 1 1/4" MDL or MDA SLO-BLO (time delay) type
Dimensions: 19" x 1 3/4" x 10" (occupies 1u)
Unit Weight: approximately 11lbs/5kgs Shipping Weight: approximately 16lbs/7.26kgs

Owners Manual

Owners Manual  Download Owners Manual

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