Manley Enhanced Pultec EQ
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Manley Enhanced Pultec Equaliser

Product Details

Manley labs are the only authorized users of the original Western Electric passive EQ circuitry previously licensed to Pulse Techniques, Inc. (PULTEC) This is the circuitry found in the much loved (and now much sought after) antique Pultec units. EQ may be set to 'flat' positions or BYPASSED entirely. All BOOST and CUT controls are continuously variable conductive plastic potentiometers for absolutely silent operation and long life. Manley's compact 1U units occupy a third of the space of an 'antique' Pultec, an important consideration for allocation of outboard rack space. And Manley have added a couple of extra frequencies as well. A rear mounted input switch selects 0 degrees or 180 degrees PHASE INVERT for the balanced gold pin XLR input or the transformerless unbalanced bridging input (1/4" jack) may be selected.

Of course the most important question is "Do these new Manley Pultecs sound like the old Pultecs?" Well it appears the consensus is "Yes they do. But better!" The originals had three transformers in the signal path, now Manley units can be used completely transformerless. The Manley Enhanced Pultec has a superior B+ power supply, with regulated and balanced heater supply. Its line amp is known to be one of the best sounding. Many components used by Manley today were just not available 20 years ago. If you're longing for and reminiscing about crackly carbon pots, dirty open frame wafer switches, 5% and 10% tolerance noisy carbon resistors, exposed tubes poking out the back of a 3U chassis, then how about we politely point you in the direction of an expensive antique Pultec?

The Manley PULTEC EQP-1A is available in both single and 2-channel versions. It uses 1 x 12AU7WA and 1 x 6414 in an all tube single-ended line amplifier for gain make-up and extra warm sound. Gain is factory set for unity but additional gain is available by a rear mounted feedback adjustment trimpot. Like their 40dB Mic Preamps, Manley Pultecs offer both transformer coupled balanced and direct capacitor coupled unbalanced outputs for easy interfacing and sonic variety.

Troublesome kick drum? Bring on a Manley Pultec and see how nice it is to have individual Low Frequency BOOST and CUT controls in a LF shelf circuit. Need a little more clarity? Simply dial in that lovely middle bell-shaped boost in the BANDWIDTH control. Tricky HF just not right? Ease it off with the HF shelf cut. You will hear it. There really is no substitute for a Pultec.

Technical Specifications

MANLEY input transformer with pure nickel laminations potted in mu-metal case. 3K ohm input Z
PHASE REVERSE switch for balanced XLR input
Alternate transformerless 1/4" HI-Z (5K ohm) input
BYPASS switch & AUTO-MUTE w/warmup delay
Silent conductive plastic BOOST & CUT controls
Sealed gold-contact Greyhill frequency select switches
Hi-current drive <50 ohm LO-Z XLR & 1/4" outputs
Balanced Transformer Coupled XLR Outputs
Flat frequency response from 10Hz-70KHz
<0.01% THD @ 1Khz
S/N Ratio: 116 dB
Adjustable FEEDBACK / GAIN: Unity ±5 dB
Max. output: +30 dBv
Power consumption (120/240VAC): 18 watts
Dimensions: 19" x 1 3/4" x 10" (occupies 1u)
Shipping weight: 5.5kgs/12lbs

Owners Manual

Owners Manual  Download Owners Manual

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