Manley CORE Tube Mic Pre, EQ, Compressor & FET Limiter
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Manley Core

Product Description

THE CORE - a killer new channel strip from Manley Labs. Huge headroom: fantastic sound: great combination of features: rugged MADE IN THE USA build quality and all at a very affordable price.

The new 2U CORE has an intuitive front-panel making it easy and super fast to adjust your settings. With UK pricing at less £1500, there's never been a better time to have a piece of Manley professional gear in your rack.

The CORE's signal path starts with a fixed 3:1 comprerssor before the mic-pre (Class-A tub  e based original design based upon circuitry in the CORE's big brother - the Manley VoxBox) making it virtually impossible to overload. There's a handy DI which is very similar to the one used in Manley's SLAM! which is an all-discrete solid-state circuit with 10 Meg Ohm impedance so, great for high impedance guitars, basses and keyboards.

The EQ section is a new solid-state BAXENDALL design for the company with high and low shelves as well as a sweepable midrange bell curve with a handy range switchable between 100Hz - 1kHz and 1kHz - 10kHz.

There's also a fast BRICKWALL FET limiter with a fixed attack continuously variable threshold and release plus output makeup over a 10dB range for gain control, and an uber cool large analogue VU meter where you can switch between displays of input, output or gain reduction levels.


  • ALL-TUBE preamp with 1 x 12AX7WA for gain + 1 x 6922 White Follower
  • Balanced Transformer Coupled XLR Microphone Input Imp: 1250 Ohms
  • Balanced XLR Line Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Unbalanced 1/4" Direct Input Impedance: 10 Meg Ohm
  • Hi-current drive Direct Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Silent conductive plastic INPUT attenuator
  • Compressor Maximum GAIN REDUCTION: 16 dB
  • Compressor ATTACK time:
    60ms slowest CCW, 30ms at 12:00, 5ms fastest CW for 6dB compression
  • Compressor RELEASE time:
    1.5s slowest CCW, 1s at 12:00, 100ms fastest CW from 6dB compression
  • Limiter ATTACK time: 155μs
  • Limiter RELEASE time:
    300 ms slowest CCW, 150 ms at 12:00, 2.3 ms fastest CW
  • Maximum Input Mic input (Low Gain Setting): -5 dBu or 435mV RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Mic input (High Gain Setting): -25 dBu or 44mV RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Line input (Low Gain Setting): +13 dBu or 3.5V RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Line input (High Gain Setting): -8 dBu or 300mV RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Direct input (Low Gain Setting): +24 dBu or 12V RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Direct input (High Gain Setting): +17 dBu or 5.5V RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Input Insert return: +20 dBu or 7.8V RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Preamp Output (Insert Send): +35 dBu or 43V RMS @ 0.5% THD
  • Maximum Preamp Output (Insert Send): +22 dBu into 600 Ohms
  • Maximum Main Output: +20 dBu
  • Insert Send output impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Insert Return input impedance: 13 kOhms
  • Main Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Direct Output Headroom (referenced to +4 dBu): 31 dB
  • Main Output Headroom (referenced to +4 dBu): 16 dB
  • Dynamic Range: >90 dB
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 75 kHz -0.15dB, -0.5 dB
  • Large LED illuminated VU METER
  • Meters switch to read Direct Output (1) from preamp, Output (2) from Main Out, or Compressor Gain Reduction
  • THD & Noise (1kHz @ +4 dBm): 0.02% at Low Gain setting
  • Noise Floor Micpre (A WGT): - 84dB @ LOW GAIN, -64dB HI GAIN
  • EIN (A WGT): -124dB with 150 Ohm source impedance
  • Gain via Microphone Input: 40 LOW or 60 dB HI GAIN
  • Gain via Line Input: 20 or 40dB
  • Maximum Gain of EQ & Limiter section: 10 dB
  • Noise Floor Insert Return to OP2: - 90dBu BW: 22Hz - 22kHz
  • AUTOMUTE warmup delay: 30 seconds
  • Power consumption: 35 Watts
  • Operating mains voltage: 90 to 254 VAC (internal universal supply)
  • Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Dimensions: 19" x 3 1/2" x 7" (occupies 2U rackspaces)
  • Unit weight: 8.3 lbs. / 3.76kgs
  • Shipping weight: 11.5 lbs. 5.22kgs 
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