Manley Studio Equipment
Manley Laboratories Classic All-Tube Equipment
MasteringManley EQ & Dynamics - essential tools for tracking & mix guys for years, now available in Mastering versions. Plus The BACKBONE
Microphone Preamplifiers
Microphone PreamplifiersGreat sounding microphone preamps and combos from Manley. The best front-ends and partners for your favourite mics.
Tube Direct
Tube DirectFatten up those tracks and give your guitars synths & bass a lovely warm glow by routing them through a Manley Tube DI box.
EqualisersBlessed by Pultec's original design team, Manley's range of classic EQs now features the multi-award winning Massive Passive.
Dynamics"Pour cream over your mix" with the VARMU compressor or get those tracks 'one-louder' with a SLAM! A brick-wall limiter that works.
Combo Units
Combo UnitsHigh quality components including Manley's proprietary input transformers (wound in-house) The sweetest sounding mic-preamps.
MicrophonesWonderfully warm, musical Manley microphones, beautifully engineered and available in fixed or multi-pattern versions
MonitoringML10 Monitors, Purist Headphone Amps, The MICMAID matrix. Great design and engineering = essential monitoring tools.
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