GML Model 8355 Power Supply
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GML 8355


When power supplies are built into the same chassis as the audio circuitry, power transformers can radiate nasty magnetic fields into nearby audio paths increasing noise while additional heat generation brought on by transformers, rectifiers, and regulators can contribute to unwanted drift of operational parameters and premature failure of componentry. To avoid these problems, all GML outboard processors use stringently regulated and pure filtered external power supplies. All GML power supplies come with a country-specific detachable IEC mains power cord; proprietary XLR power cables ship with peripherals. Both the 8355 and the 9015 are externally switchable between 110v and 220v mains voltages, making them flexible for engineers traveling overseas. They also include a voltage-specific fuse (5x20mm). Notably, these GML Power Supplies have an exceptionally wide input voltage tolerance (±30percent) for reliable operation under questionable power conditions.
This supply is used with 8200, 8300, 9500

Technical Specifications

selectable 95-130 VAC or 180-260 VAC 50-60Hz
standard 3-pin IEC connector
+/-28.0 VDC @ 2A
5-pin female XLR connector
4 x 6 black and blue anodized aluminum, silver legend, 5 3/4" deep
weight: 5.6lbs/2.55kgs

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